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Anna & Hugh Masterson International Mystery Series

by G. Hugh Bodell

The First Three Novels

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Treachery In Turtle Bay

Treachery In Turtle  Bay II


The plot is an action packed adventure/mystery of the pursuit by Anna & Hugh Masterson, an unlikely sleuthing couple, of 29 billion dollars that went missing from the much publicized scandal, ‘The UN Oil for Food Program’. 

These technical geniuses find themselves up against a vicious, corrupt trio of billionaire international gangsters.  They are rapidly forced to employ tactics never used in their white-collar consulting business and to call on capabilities they never knew they had.

Peppered with actual events surrounding that UN managed, corruption plagued 60 billion dollar redistribution of funds, it is impossible to separate fact from fiction.

The murders are creative and full of imagery, the technology real and doable!

The sleuthing couple from Treachery In Turtle Bay, Anna & Hugh Masterson evolved by this sequel into a far less naïve and far more ruthless Robin Hood like couple.

They have moved on and the murders are far more inventive and the imagery far more vivid.

Treachery In Turtle Bay II - Oil ~ Dollars ~ Diplomacy & The Sinister Three took an unpublicized example of disappearing billions.  The $39.56 billion "missing" from a post-Gulf War fund that was set up to protect the almost 40 billion bucks of Iraqi oil revenues from foreign claims.  That was accomplished by apparently making it disappear altogether.

A saga that could be…but we pray will not

The Deal
Iran is negotiating to purchase 4,000 nuclear warheads compatible with the Iranian shahab-3 ballistic missile

The Seller
A former soviet general now the head of the Russian federation technological and nuclear oversight bureau

The Cover
Provided by the United Nations Secretary General and the President of the United States

The Price
$100 Billion

The Middleman
A Russian villain who has accumulated $40 Billion by corrupting United Nations Officials for over 40 years and now has the President of the United States in his pocket

Waiting To Pick Up The Overstock
North Korea, Syria, Bangladesh and Venezuela


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