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The publishing industry is in the middle of the most radical change in its history and we at Sprig Media Group feel that there are opportunities in publishing for both the author and the publisher that never before were dreamed of.

The founders navigated their way through publishing in the early twenty-first century and realized there is a need in this 'new publishing' for guides as opposed to gatekeepers.

It is our philosophy that if what the writer has to say appeals to only a few members of the reading public that writer should have the opportunity to leverage the unparalleled opportunities in today's media distribution explosion to deliver their words to anyone interested globally.

We came to writing and ultimately to publishing after a long career as entrepreneurs.  We looked at writing\publishing as eight high level functions:

1.     Writing the book.

2.     Editing the book

3.     Graphics and layout

4.     Production

5.     Distribution

6.     Marketing & Promotion

7.     Sales

8.     Remuneration

Each author has different capabilities and preferences.  Some are contented or only capable of writing the book and would prefer to leave all of the other seven to others.

There are also those, like the founders of Sprig Media Group, who initially preferred to do some of the tasks and seek support for the rest.  It is our objective to provide guidance and support for each author to find the mix that is right for them and help them get their work in the hands of readers.

We have no set boundaries as to how we will work with our authors!

We also have no restriction on distribution methods and channels.  If appropriate we will propose a mix of traditional distribution methods mixed with 21st century distribution.

Our attitude on marketing and promotion are equally as unfettered by legacy publishing traditions.

Books of our clients are distributed electronically through e-books, globally through Print On Demand partners, domestically through bricks and mortar book stores and most currently through 'pop-up book emporiums' such as 'Fleeting Pages'.

We are open to design a program that will work for you and get you to your objective from perspectives both economic and those that are more ethereal.

We recently took on a client with an idea who needed help right from the writing phase so Sprig Media Group is providing a collaborative author.

Drop us an e-mail and outline your hopes and ideas about being a published author and we will get back to you if we believe we can help...and if not, we will tell you that also, in very plain talk.



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